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Bosal :

Bosal is one of the world's leading manufacturers of car exhaust systems for both the car manufacturers and the replacement market.
Bosal also produces precision steel tubing, warehouse racking systems, tow bars and roof bars and is at the leading edge of catalytic converter technology.

The group is Dutch registered, but headquartered in Lummen, Belgium. Established in 1923 in Alkmaar, Holland as an exhaust distribution business, it now employs more than 6400 staff in 31 manufacturing plants and 44 distribution outlets throughout the world, and is involved in a continuous on-going expansion programme.

Exhaust systems
Bosal manufactures exhaust systems for the leading vehicle manufacturers in the world.
Bosal has close working relationships with its customers, resulting in delivering systems to the assembly line within 80 minutes of receiving the order.
This is known as the Bosal Sequential In-Line System. Bosal's ultra modern plants supply products rapidly eliminating the vehicle makers' needs for storage space and extra paperwork, so reducing costs.

Bosal produces an extensive range of towbars, both fixed and with a detachable ball.
The detachable towbars, specially developed and patented by Bosal, are highly appreciated by motorists as the original lines of the car are undisturbed once the towball has been removed.
Bosal also supplies complete wiring sets, which reduces fitting time to a minimum.
The towbars are superbly solid and are subjected to the most rigorous testing to ensure maximum safety.

Roof bars
Bosal manufactures roof racks and roof bars for vehicle manufacturers and the accessory market.
These aerodynamic styles complement the vehicle's streamlined looks, are epoxy-coated and undergo severe testing prior to being launched. The range also includes cross bars.
Accessories now available to maximize the use of roofbars include ski and bicycle carriers and storage boxes.
These roof bars have a unique fitting with a special integral locking mechanism. The roof bars and accessories are subjected to the most rigorous tests imaginable in order to guarantee their safety.

Precision tubing and Tube products
Bosal annually processes 185,000 tons of steel to produce more than 80,000 kilometres of tubes and profiles. Thirty per cent is used by Bosal for products like exhaust systems and roofbars. Seventy per cent is sold to other manufacturers, for other industrial use.
Bosal, in conjunction with its customers, also develops new types and dimensions of tubes and profiles, often supplied with durable coatings or produced from high-grade materials such as aluminium or stainless steel.

Every year, Bosal produces millions of mechanical jacks that are included in the standard toolkits of car manufacturers throughout the world.
Bosal applies its knowledge of materials and weight-saving solutions to the development of jacks. This has led to the introduction of a patented new jack with a compact shape and great strength.
This jack meets the car manufacturers objective to reduce the overall weight of the newly designed vehicles.


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